What do you think of Walter Freeman?

I’m glad I wasn’t one of his "patients."

Fortunately, Moniz- and Freeman-style lobotomy is no longer widely used in the US, western Europe or the English-speaking world. It is used as a last-house-on-the-block treatment IF the patient cannot be otherwise helped with medications, psychotherapy, very low-voltage / low-amperage electrical stimulations of several sorts, etc. But it is no longer done in the disturbingly crude manner described in the psych texts of the '30s and '40s. The instruments used now are extremely “fine-tuned” so to speak. And the legal mambo-jambo one has to go through to lobotomize a patient in the US may take several years.

My own interest in this topic, btw, stimulated some investigation into an even more fine-tuned way of doing lobotomies for extremely severely suffering pts. The hospital at the med-and-psych school I attended was the world leader at the time in fine-stream, proton gun, radiation therapy for cancer.

We looked into using the proton guns for psycho-surgery, but elected to report that it would very rarely be appropriate because brain tissue tends to be too vitrious (full of water). The guns work far better on harder, less vitrious tissue like that found in typical tumors.