What do you think of this?

I don’t have to look at this situation very closely before I feel like my basic dignity has been slighted. Our group went to a Dairy Queen. I was waiting for my order. They gave the guy sitting across from me his glorified shake, which cost six dollars, and then he ordered again, and they brought his second order at the same time as my first order. The waitress was very insolent when they finally gave me my order. The food I got was stale. I think they held up my order to give my chicken planks time to dry out. The cheeseburger I got wasn’t stale, but it wasn’t very good. I had done nothing provoking. I had minded my manners. They treated me like this just on the basis of this weird situation I have gotten in. To tell you the truth, I don’t think Dairy Queen is going to get very far because they don’t have a good enough product. The cheeseburger I got wasn’t stale, but it wasn’t very good, not as good as their competitors’. I also feel like my basic dignity as a human being has been slighted because they went out of their way to insult me.

Did you complain?

Not to the management. I did make a few comments like, “Well, the napkins are good.” It wouldn’t have done any good to complain at the store because the manager was in favor of the bad treatment, so I did my complaining here.

Terrible many its just that one.

It’s fast food and employees work there cause they can’t get better. They’re just punching the clock and trying to get out. I stopped fast food for the most part, I rather go to the grocery store and know I won’t get sick from poor handwashing. I wouldn’t take it personally.

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