What do you think of these vitamins + aminos

I had a quick look and given the amount of each ingredient it looks safe to me. But don’t blame me if it doesn’t work out :smile:


It’s got very good reviews. I thought it was expensive, but I read it lasts about a month so it’s not expensive.

I’m a man, but my girlfriend might like it

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I don’t see anything wrong with it but keep in mind the amounts of the amino acids and herbs are miniscule. For the herbs, it’s 8mg of that mix of herbs so like a grain of sand’s worth of each. A microdose. I don’t know what the typical dosage of these herbs is to get an effect, but for instance the average dose of ginkgo seems to be between 40-240mg, so a fraction of 8mg is not going to do anything, probably. (PS I am not reccomending ginkgo, or not, just using it as an example of amounts.)

And the amino acids are what happens to occur naturally in gelatin. 10 mg is almost nothing - to give you an idea, in one scoop of whey protein (just plain whey with no additives) there is 1,100 mg of alanine, 700 mg of arginine, 535 mg of cystine, 430 mg of glycine, 2,300 mg of lysine, 2,500 mg of methionine, 2,000 mg of proline, 1,400 mg of serine, 400mg of tryptophan and 1,300 mg of valine, plus others. So a 10mg mix of amino acids is like if you put your wet fingertip in whey and then licked it.

So if you are paying extra for herbs and amino acids, don’t, they’re basically there in name only.

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Thank you for pointing that out to me, I really appreciate it.

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