What Do You Think of These Clouds?

My mind says danger. They look strange, and it feels like something awful is brewing. They are giving me anxiety that is hard to contain. I need your opinions.
I hope this post doesn’t trigger anyone else, sorry.

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They are normal storm clouds. My delusional thoughts also fixate on clouds and I actually think I also posted a cloud pic on here once. It’s just the illness looking for messages in everything.


I hope you are right…
I’m so panicked right now, I can hardly breathe. It’s also dark now, so I can’t see them, anymore. :worried:

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It’s ok, it will pass and you’ll be ok. You’re safe.

I used to get so scared when I saw storm clouds. I’d think it meant the devil was near and God was using the clouds to hide me from him.


Normal storm cloud don’t bother me, but these are something else. I’ve never seen clouds like this, before.

Clouds take many different shapes. This is just one variation. I’ve seen clouds like that before and nothing bad happened :slight_smile: Just because they’re different/you haven’t seen them before doesn’t mean they have some deep symbolic purpose. That’s also your illness talking. Deep breaths and all will be well :sunny: