What do you think of Sigmund Freud?

I think Freud’s model of the personality - the id, the ego, and the super ego - is brilliant, but it doesn’t predict anything. There are better models to use to predict behavior. The defense mechanisms that are a part of his theory were postulated by his daughter, Anna Freud. I think Freud made too much of the unconscious. I don’t know about his Oedipal and Electra complexes. Again, there are better models. I’ve heard that most of those early psychological theorists behaved pretty much like cult leaders.

I think his contibution to psychology was great, that’s why he’s so famous. Psychoanalisis works, even if not for people with sz. His dreams interpertations are also very cool.
And also, there is a joke … the Id, the Ego and the SuperEgo go to a bar, they see a very hot girl, the Id goes “SEX!”, the Ego goes “Maybe tantric sex tomorrow” the SuperEgo goes “You two cut it out.” lol… Ah well, it’s good for understanding. I don’t think it’s a question of personality but about basic human reactions. And he nailed it there.
I think his interpertation of sexual behaviour is a bit dangerous if you don’t really understand the concepts and follow them blindly. It gives an excuse.

Freud’s early work (before about 1900-1910) provided the basic concepts we still use today in the psychodynamic (vs. psychoanalytic; see below) framework to help patients identity and understand how they came to have the cognitive distortions and defense mechanisms (also see below) they have so that they can stop blaming themselves for (supposedly) “willfully inventing” their anxiety, depression, mania, personality disorder, neurosis, semi-psychosis (borderlinism), psychosis, psychosomatic conversion disorder or whatever.

Because we do not willfully or consciously invent these things.

This is – from the point of view of one who has worked with hundreds of pts – a crucial step in moving pts through the difficult stages of denial / pre-contemplation and contemplation / consideration to identification / acceptance so they can more easily move into commitment / action.

We owe Freud for the basic and essential – if occasionally erroneous – concepts that make it possible to free pts from the yoke of the ideas in their minds that prevent them from doing the work – and in so doing, acquiring the skills – they need to free themselves from the cages in their minds.

The notion of “freeing yourself from tyrannical neurosis” sounds appealing, but all Freud really offered was a self confessed, meager “turning hysterical misery into common unhappiness”. I don’t need to pay a psychiatrist $100.00 an hour to get that. A person goes to a pdoc to be released from his inner demons and expecting life to turn into nirvana when it happens. If people understood how modest the goals of psychoanalysis really are they would pay so much to sit on the couch.

You mean Sigmund Fraud :wink:

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i heard that he liked cigars so by his own theor that means he “liked his dad a bit too much” if you know what i mean haha

I heard that one time someone brought up his cigar habit to Freud. His response was, “Sometimes a cigar is just a good smoke”. If someone else had been smoking it he probably would have insisted it was a manifestation of neurosis.

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i think i agree with that analysis haha

I think he was a good dr. but on drugs… lol!!! judy

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He could make a great tuna fish sandwich.

He never washed his hands after using the bathroom.

did he wear a top hat? or was that abraham lincoln :slight_smile:

He was a badass ■■■■■■. :sunglasses:
We’re all a children of Freud.

Good point. As I wrote in my post above, the current day POV is that Freud’s PA provided the first version of psychodynamic work that is now known to be The Door into self-understanding, though NOT the “complete package” for anything like “total recovery” or “complete healing.”

(Freud and his loyal followers believed that PA would free pts from their angst merely by explaining the reasons for it to them. For a few, that worked, For most, it didn’t.)

For something like “total recovery” or “complete healing,” however, one will have to use the self-awareness and partial shame-and-guilt-deconstruction provided by psychodynamic work to move into more complete dismantling of the “complexes” (Freud discovered decades ago) with these more modern – and more effective – psychotherapies:

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –
10 StEP –

cc: @Minnii @Wave and @Sarad (I know; preaching to the choir for you)