What do you think mental illness might look like?

if mental illness were a thing, an object or something what would it be? it can be anything

my description of it would have to be that thing in harry potter in the closet that can change shape, forget the name of it though,

Yeah that thing that turns into the thing you fear most.

If it had looks, I’d say it looks like brain scans.

Boggart - that’s a good description. In that theme, mine’s a Dementor - your worst memories and thoughts and fears sucking all the life and light away until there’s nothing else left.

Francesca Woodman’s photography sums up what mental illness looks like and feels like to me…


take care :alien:

This is mine. When you look at what’s going on with me my problems, individually, are generally trifling. But when you look at the whole picture it’s a big glob of what the ■■■■ just happened here?

And a squishy mass of what the hell just happened here. I have done so many things I don’t understand.


A giant, smelling turd. Fecal matter. A disgusting stool. ■■■■.

i was just thinking that :mask: :hankey: lol

That’s what I see it is.

One of the Wringwraiths from the “Lord of the Rings”.

This was what my mental illness was like…


Mental illness looks like everything in my life that I lost, wanted but can’t have, and everything that I dream about having all mixed up in a big tornado.