What do you think...is the world too cruel for you to stand?


Im asking that cause if you answer…i think the world is cruel and i refuse to say its ok…you are sick and should be in the hospidal.


Some people are so aggressive it doesn’t mix well with me.


The world is extremely cruel in a lot of ways. I occassionally watch nature shows on Youtube, and it shows different predators - lions, hyenas, and wild dogs, hunting in Africa. The animals they catch are alive a large part of the time when they are eating them. When I see hyenas eating a zebra alive I wonder what kind of God would create such a scheme. A lot of animals die that way. Also, there are the human massacres of other humans. There have been at least six times in the twentieth century that over a million people have been massacred. The good news is that we live in a time of unprecedented abundance, and our lives are cleaner, healthier, and better fed than any time in history. I just hope that nothing halts this progress.


Some people r stupid very stupid they just learned to survive they dont know anything else


That’s why I sit almost 20 hours a day.


I wish the world was softer and friendlier


I don’t think the whole world is cruel. In fact I don’t even think the world itself is cruel, life has cruel aspects. Just like I’m tempted to say I find my mind incredibly cruel, however not all of it is. Just some aspects.

Most of the cruelty and horror I’ve experienced in this life came from the world in my head, not from the outside world. Am I lucky in that respect? I don’t know. I feel lucky I didn’t experience cruelty in both worlds at once that’s for sure. Don’t know if I’d still be alive if that were the case.


My trust in others is non existent. I grew up in a pretty toxic environment in terms of people I used to know were all into drugs at school.

I got taken complete advantage of and got beatings all the time.

I only trust my family now as I have put them through a lot over the years


When I started my deep research of anthropology online, I was looking at a lot of independent news. I always use my BS radar to figure out if what I’m getting is fallacy or the truth. I’m very good at that especially logic and sniffing out fallacy.

Anyway in the first year I was finding that I was revealing so much dirt on the world both past and present that I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep doing it. Sometimes I thought I might become a psychopath if I continued researching. I definitely was becoming more depressed as the truth poured. It was like at my desk for a year straight coffee pots all nights, all weekends, and just keep working…I would look out the windows, and remember when I didn’t know all of that stuff. I would remember how out there I used to be much more optimistic and hopeful about the world and my future in it.

I eventually decided that I better keep doing it because I’m an scz, and it’s not going to get any better than this kind of work project.

I turned out okay. I’m no psychopath. Hehe. :upside_down_face: Five years and still going. I would have never revealed the truth about the world nor myself and other people if I did not continue pursuit of the truth as dedicated as that.

Some of the things that were causing me to rethink my path were the videos and pics of massacres, religious ritual rapes and cannibalism, tyranny in all forms, insane people destroying cities, and on and on and on and not just presently but historically too.

Civilization is a phenomenon. How it works is a matter of universal logic.


I’m not really concerned with the world anymore. When I was sick I was sick with injustice and coldness and hate all of which I thought the world was. But I find it sorta puts out what you put into it. I would say I run a smaller ship now. Keep a few good friends. A few good thoughts. And a few good memories. All the rest is gravy and it can be worked out in the moment.


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