What do you think is the best possible things that can happen to you?


I think the best possible things that can happen to me is that I get married,although it’s not very possible but it’s still realistic because I can find someone with MI who can accept me more because they can relate

What’s the best possible things that could happen for you??realistically


I think the best possible thing that might still happen to me is that my mom will buy me a house soon. As far as being married, I was married. but I won’t marry again. It was a happy marriage, poor, but happy and I had some of the happiest days of my life married, so I wish you luck.


i think it would be great if I had a chef . i would sure eat a lot healthier


My first dream was to be an author.

My more practical dream was to be a chef, an accomplished chef though. Maybe if that ever happens i can cook us both something nice?


The best possible thing it seems right now?

To be able to freely wander. I’ve never seen this place really, never been able to. I would spend years wandering the earth and seeing it all. There are so many things here.



besides getting “on my feet” in terms of functioning really well, I’d like to achieve in music, like being able to play well my favorite instruments, the piano and the violin. it means much to me.


I also always dreamed of marriage and now I am afraid of it even though I still dream of a man on a white horse…


That I would write a novel beloved by all.