What do you think is a bigger issue?

On the one hand is over-treatment and over-medicalization of mental health issues, often fueled by a pharmaceutical industry interested in the broadening of the boundaries of “illness” and in the creation of more and wider diagnostic categories and thus markets for “selling sickness.” On the other hand exists profound under-recognition of the suffering and breadth of mental health issues affecting millions of people across geographies, which is a global problem.

Still, our understanding of all aspects of mental health is relatively underdeveloped. As others have acknowledged [3],[24], the research base for over-diagnosis and harm from over-treatment remains limited, and so the new initiatives and calls for action are welcomed. So too is growing recognition and research on genuine mental health issues and the best ways to address and prevent mental health problems, especially in terms of policy and human rights action and in a global context.

What should be focused on moving forward?

  • Overtreatment
  • Under Recognition
  • Both
  • Neither
  • Balancing the paradox
  • I don’t care I’m a Gryffindor I’m awesome
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I’m still a griffindor even though I answered mi issues are under recognised :slight_smile:

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A good question . I think much depends on where you set the boundaries for what is or isn’t a sign of mental ill health .

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Is it true that Aps can cause schizophrenia?


I know of a person she thinks her psychosis was started by anti anxiety meds

I’ve heard of a few people say abilify has made them more psychotic

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