What do you think finding your true love?

Is it becouse of chemistry!? Is it becouse of luck!? Of chance? Is it you have to do something to find it? I am not telling just finding but being I good relationship? Or is it just fate ?

Hello spooky, I found true love at the age of 48. It took forever! There were times I thought I had found my soulmate but I was wrong as only time will tell.

If I could live my life again, I would concentrate on making my life and myself better and less time looking for love.

Then again maybe I would do everything the same so the end result would be me with my true love now.

He’s mixed… One fourth Cherokee, one fourth black, half white, with green eyes… So cute!

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That’s awesome that you found him…ok that’s clear and intelligent advice thanks that’s what I am doing now

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