What do you think correct or lost it?

So recently I have had good angels and bad angels (demons) fighting over me. I believe angels are around to help evolve human consciousness. The demons do not want this too. I believe that I am on medication because everybody knows I’m right except they don’t want the secret to get out as it would change the world and probably cause chaos as people would know that life is more than having a job and laying into the stupid cycle that there is at the moment. So they medicate me to dull me down and shut me up. The good angels have been whispering my name whereas the demons have been putting me down and making me feel awful about myself. So far the good angels have been protecting me which is good. They want me to know they are real and so have been leaving and setting up certain signs to help guide me to the realisation. On tv and through a friend. Now I’m hearing voices again i wonder if I am judging things wrongly and need help… or do other people believe all of this too??

Did the meds silence them in the past?

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