What do you think causes schizophrenia

A problem with the kynurenine pathway, usually triggered by chronic low grade inflammation in the brain. Sometimes caused by brain injury.

For me it was severe stress.

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Like Elon Musk, we need to consider the base case of schizophrenia. I think you are right. I heard many theories. From ETs to others. Never fully figured it out. I’ve been told my brain is wired differently and that’s why I have these memories, that I have an ET microchip, and because I have an acidic brain. Last, I had a super realistic dream about the a virus. I heard norovirus but I’m not sure. We cured it before ie society.

they should use drugs in people susceptable to it
if they cant find the cause

That’s immoral. There are ethical reasons.

For me I think it was when I used to let my cat in the window and she"d perch herself on top of my homework.

It’s a combination of things. I like the kynurenine pathway hypothesis. It definitely has a genetic component. Psychological or physical trauma as a child can exacerbate schizophrenia as well I think. I think it’s seen in a lot of people who were born premature, but I could be wrong.


Being right brained and left handed for me. So genetics. Breaking my stress threshold and fear/anxiety

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though some people never use drugs and get schizophrenia

Mine was an abusive mother that i believe caused mine. And the shedloads of MDMA and lsd that sent me down the rabbit hole. Half of my family is bloody off there rocker anyway,

For some, schizophrenia is an existential journey.

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That’s right. A fight against authority that determines what is normal and what is not

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An australian doctor says it is a mother having a too fatty diet during pregnancy, causing a severe anxiety disorder. Other studies about microbiome seem legitimate too.

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