What do you think? Birdy

isnt this beautiful


it’s a trap!

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wtf how is this a trap…

He’s just playin’ around.

Anyway the bird is trying to draw me into some psychedelic trip with that frikin tail!

[chases bird away]

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personally think these are absolutely beautifyl… :smiley:

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Yeah the bird is beautiful but not that Beautiful!
Are you sure you are not experiencing some Euphoria @anon80629714? :slight_smile:

@wave I’m pretty sure lol I took the pic I’m pretty proud of myself :stuck_out_tongue:


@wave not euphoria just a hobby I’m taking up ajain


Good for you @anon80629714
Nice Hobby! :slight_smile:

One place where I lived had a population of feral peacocks. They’d come right up to us to eat bread. Sometimes they would be on the roof of the house. What I remember the most is that when the peacock would open his tail to display, he would shake it which made a loud rattling sound. So impressive!
Really nice photo, @anon80629714!

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Have photographed by urself or othet…

Hey. I think I saw this exact bird on a commercial…!

Listerine commercial.


Loools I assure you I took this photo

If I run into that commercial again I will pay extra attention!

Seems funny to me though that a peacock is in that commercial. Like… it’s really weirding me out… What’s the point of that in a listerine commercial??

@genbu I can’t say I know the reason for that. Seems completely unrelated.

What kind of camera did you use?

I have a Sony compact cam !! I own a dslr but I hate taking that everywhere

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I also tweaked it a bit

That blue is beautiful. I also like kingfisher blue.

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And get this. These boys just fan out these feathers to impress their mates. I was the only one near it at the time :joy:

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