What do you think about invega

I come from Poland and maybe we will have invega soon. How do you feel on this med. does it increase concentration and motivation?

I have been taking the drug for years and my concentration improved. However I’m not so sure about my motivation and the weight gain has been bad. To be fair however I must say I changed from having a job where I was in constant motion to a job and a college effort which has been more sedentary. It is the best drug for me I"m afraid as nothing has really worked better. Individual experiences are different with individual drugs and your experience may be different.

I’m very happy with it. I’m at 75mg and I’ve never felt better actually, still struggle a bit with some symptoms, but it’s a few minutes a day and only when I’m anxious. I’m quitting benzos so I’ve been a little more agitated, but the Invega does a great job in keeping the psychosis at bay.

Had some weight gain in the 150mg dosage but now I’m losing those extra kilos.

I’m motivated and energetic. Doing Tai Chi, Qi Gong and starting Yoga this week.

safest drug there is

i have been on the max dose INJECTION for intramuscular shots 234mg for about 2 years now. it really helps my daily life as far as being able to wake up around sunrise and doing stuff to fill my time i still hallucinate a little but maybe only a couple times a year or so. at first when i get the injection i just want to lay down for a few days in bed then i get energy after a few days then when it starts to wear off i go back to wanting to lay in bed all day long with some pacing around the house when it wears off.

Hi, its a great drug for symptoms but I gained loads of weight on it.Hippo

also this drug may cause as it did for me a case of OCULARGYRIC CRISIS its a muscle reaction that causes your eyeballs to look straight up and you cant control them

although i am on the max dose injections every 3 weeks