What do you think about ecotourism?

I like it much. I have some good memories such as swimming in a river of the rainforest in Costa Rica. I like nature and just riding my bicycle in our local forest feels quite nice. Have you done ecotourism?


Not like you have, but me and some of my friends used to go backpacking in the Ozark Mountains every Spring and every Fall break. It was just what I needed. It was great.

No, i needed to google ecotourism. The closest is wildcamping in nature. But i haven’t done anything to improve or conservation. I just leave the campsites without leaving a trace.

I just do tourism while trying to keep the garbage chucking to a minimum. Never occurred to me to label it as eco-tourism.

You dont have to go home, just leave the place better than how you found it. :wink:

I sat and medicated in the Himalayas, Nepal, on the roof of a remote hotel, panoramic views of the Himalayas and it was so beautiful and peaceful. And Nepal is a very cost effective country to visit. Even Kathmandu is amazing, Thamel is Kathmandu is the tourist area where you’ll find many hotels for less then $15 dollars a night. That 4 month backpacking holiday to India and Nepal in 2006 has left me wonderful memories.

Me backpacking around Nepal when I was 21.

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