What do you think about America, if you are from a different country

What do you think about America, if you are from a different country.

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I like americans and i have many friends that i speak on discord and teamspeak every morning.

now things there worry me i find everydaylife kind crazy.
i believe it depends the state ,so really dont know.

America isn’t all bad @Treebeard. we have pros and cons just like everyone else.


I’m just posting my opinion.
I like US culture. But socially and politically…

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I’m tired of you always trashing our country.

It’s really inappropriate.

We don’t just make fun of other people’s countries on here and I think you know that.


I think it’s a great country but life is dull and boring

When someone like Trump can get the Presidency, you really need to do some soul searching

Sorry to be political, but he has caused damage globally, and having that guy at the wheel really does not do America any favours

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No it’s not. You’re just being sensitive. I have much worse things to say about other countries’ political and social climates. Like China. If the US is a dumpster fire, China is a gas chamber. Doesn’t mean I hate Chinese people or Chinese culture. In fact, I love Chinese culture and history, and would love to visit China one day. Just like I would like to visit the US and love US culture.

Wouldn’t want to live there though.

Also, I don’t get why you Americans can be so sensitive to criticism. Half the world is watching your TV shows and movies. Half the world dreams about moving to the US. You need to grow thicker skin because that nationalism doesn’t look good on you.

I didn’t vote for him and neither did most of the nation.

But we’re not making this political.

I’m just saying I’ve seen @Treebeard insult my country enough.

By posting US memes about the US?

Guys, let’s keep this civil.

I mean this is a thread about non-Americans’ views on the US. Not a thread about non-Americans giving their unconditional praise to the US.

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