What do you tell a friend going to prison?

A fairly close friend of mine is definitely about to be doing some time.

He hasn’t even been to court yet, but it’s inevitable considering what has happened.

This is his first offense, so he has that going for him, but his attorney has told him he could get up to ten years.

Right now he’s bailed out of jail and on house arrest.

I want to call him, and feel like I should, but I have no idea what to say.

He’s a super nice guy and won’t fair well in that environment.

I know he’s scared and want to be a friend right now,

It’s just difficult.

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I’ve never been in that position before, but I imagine if I was going to prison I would probably want someone to tell me they still think I’m a super nice person who is good to be around.

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You have a good point.

Most of his friends are distancing themselves from him right now because of all this mess.

I’m sure he’d love to know that some of us still care about him and think he’s good people.


Yeah, it can’t be easy. So many people view prison as a sign that you’re unredeemably evil, as opposed to just being unlucky.

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Tough one. You’re dealing with complexities too.

His whole life may change, and you’ve said he may not fair well.

I’d probably want to be reminded of my strengths. Want too look into kinds of classes and programs available while inside. Good behavior could buy him a few years.

Good luck Mr. Gabel, llama is rooting for you!


He’ll likely have to enroll in some programs while inside,

But it’s a good thing to encourage that.

Hopefully, all things considered, he’ll go to a Club Med and do his time in peace,

However, I’ve been watching a lot of Oz lately, so I’m thinking the worst.

Thanks for your input!


You don’t have talk about anything specific. Just be there for him, since he’s probably lost a lot of friends. He needs support.



Even my best friend, that told me about his situation, is trying to back out of the friendship.

She’s not calling as often and not visiting him.

I can’t visit him, being on the opposite coast, but I can call and just talk about whatever,

Let him know I’m thinking about him and am still his friend.


I’m sure he’d appreciate that :slight_smile:
I don’t know if the kind of prison he’ll be going to allows computers or internet, but if it doesn’t, maybe you can offer to write him letters?


I can definitely write him letters.

That’s a great idea.


Learn to read books from the library - or you will get bored or your mind will wander, sending you into depression. So keep busy. Even if youve mopped the cell 6 times already.

Never Ever accept ANYTHING from another con, not even a sachet of sugar, or you will owe them. And trust me you will know about it

Never borrow - or if you are mad enough todo so, expect to pay double back.

Keep decent personal hygeine - or you will get punched for stinking out your pad mate with your BO.

Theres others - but im sure “etiqettes” are different in other countrys.

And dont think your cell mate cant hear you, when your “silently” jacking off at night. That will get a pillow over your face lol.


10 years? And you say he is a nice person?

What exactly did he do?

Just curious…

Im going on UK prisons - so im sorta guessing he will be in a US Jail?

They are some harsh conditions. In comparison its cushy over here, with a tv and if your on enhanced privilages a play station 2.

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DWI with severe bodily injury.

One of the people in the car was paralyzed.


Even if you have nothing to say maybe they just need someone to talk to about it. Sometimes just listening is the most valuable thing you can do

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Say you gonna think of him and be there…

Speaking of prisons, How are US prisons?


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