What do you talk to your p-doc about?

What do you talk about?

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My pdoc always asks the same basic questions. I don’t really have much of a discussion with her.


I don’t talk to him, he talks to me.

Same basic questions. How are you? Are you taking your meds? Any problems? Good, Yes, No

Then I am out.


The p-doc is inter-viewing me

Our conversations are short and to the point.
We discuss meds and how I’m doing.

Sometimes she’ll go out of her way and give me advice on my diet or other life situations.


Minimum of words.
How have you been this month?
Do you need prescriptions?
Let’s have your shot now.
And I’m out of there.


Pretty much everything. My symptoms, any stressors, things happening in my life, things happening in Hubby’s life (that affect me), my struggles, things that are going well, any improvements, my medications, my sleep quality, and other stuff.

She’s very thorough. She wants the whole picture. She’s the best pdoc I’ve ever had.


I don’t have a pdoc.

How have you been doing? Good
Still doing your yoga and piano? Yes
Any questions or concerns? No
See you in three months. Thankyou doctor.

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My pdoc asks about my sleep, appetite, exercise, diet, moods, and paranoia. We regularly discuss the men who are following me


I interview my p-doc

I wish doctors were more sensitive about force hospitalizing people then maybe id have one lol.

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Same old same old: pdoc asks how I’m doing, any issues, any problems, if I bring anything to his attention he either says let’s wait another month or ups one of my existing meds - but I think he’s hit the ceiling, I’m taking 1000mg of Seroquel a day, which is waaaay off label, so he probably won’t raise that again, but he might change the 5mg PRN Haldol to a regular dose, who knows. This guy’s a f*ckin’ clown, I wouldn’t pay him to water my garden let alone dispense meds, but he’s my State guy so I’m stuck with him. Boo hoo.

Same old things how are you doing etc. Ask about what I’m doing. Last time he diagnosed my tendon inflammation for me correctly. Then see you in three months.

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