What do you spent most of your time doing?

About to go downstairs and hit the control surface. Playing with Flow 8 Deck:

How I unwind.

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I spend my time working, listening to music or watching a movie, or being on this forum. During the weekend I often see my family.

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i have bad avolition and anhedonia so i never feel like doing stuff. but… i try to get the chores done, and spend my time listening to music, the net and coding. i want to start doing more coding cos i hope to make a living out of it… it’s just hard to motivate myself on my ‘rough days.’

Internet watching stuff or making music videos to the music and videos I love.

Almost all my time goes to YouTube. About 60% of time goes to that. The rest goes to work, sleep, school, therapy, and miscellaneous things.

Internet, music and thinking.

Cleaning the house :smirk:
Internet, reading articles and books in pdf
Worrying about things
Eating or thinking of eating

I spend most of my time watching tv/netflix/youtube. Other than that a large chunk spent on bed (usually failing to actually sleep)

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I am mainly on sz.com and sz.com …!!!

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Oh i forgot the most satisfying of all the little things.


Is that a croatian letter on enclylopedia .!!!

Its actually Serbian edition. Different name (almost) same languages.

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Sarad ur avatar pic looks beautiful as u are…haha…!!

Thank you dear.

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Seems like your doing lot,working and therapy.