What do you say after you say hello

Christmas season is upon us once again…im nervous…small talk HELP

“Did you get run over by a reindeer yet?”


I hate small talk torture! I default to saying funny things and making people laugh…it works sometimes. Otherwise, embrace the silence and be who you are!

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I was like that for years. Then someone taught me how to listen to hear the other person. Once I got that down, I knew what to say.

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say goodbye after hello hehe


whats the art to listening…I need to learn

That’s what i thought of too, and almost everything reminds me of an old song

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Start here maybe: Google

Hey, what’s up, do you have a gum/ lighter/ cigarette/ jelly bears? :girl:

I never even make it to hello. [Lol]

Not that many people say much of anything anyway.

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I have a problem thinking of things to say too. I pretty well handled it by drifting off into my own world, which does have some advantages. I would rather be better at conversation, though.

“Nice weather we’re having”. “Hey, you think the ( insert local NBA-NFL-MLB team) have a chance of going all the way this year”? “Wow, you think it’s going to be Hilary in 2016”? “Nice neighborhood isn’t it”? “Well, I hope I get some socks for Christmas this year”. Or ask the other person about himself. People like to talk about themselves. “I’m hungry, what’s for dinner”?
Or the surefire conversation starter if the conversation slows down: “Man, my hemmoroids make me feel like the Grinch kicked me in the ass and stole my balls”.

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How about…

“My you’ve got big boobs!”

“Outta my way , Fartface!!”

“Man you’ve got bad breath!”

These little small talk tips should get you some attention!! :wink:

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Hi. Looking for the ones I thought I saw in the candy cupboard after Halloween.

I found out (decades too late; sigh) that if I listened to her long enough, I’d be able to figure out something to say that had a fair chance of getting a response. (Of course, I have to stalk her for 15 minutes to hear enough.) (Let’s see how the literalists react to that?)

I never know what to say after hello. I try asking " how are you?" .