What do you recommend to buy?

If you like chili cheese fries I highly recommend Skyline brand chili. It’s more of a chili sauce, ideal for chili cheese fries, chili dogs and chili mac.

It’s expensive but totally worth it. It’s not available in grocery stores everywhere, believe it’s more of a regional product, but it’s on Amazon.

I ate some chili cheese fries about an hour ago lol.


Sweet Potato, I bought a Thermos type bottle from Walmart and it’s great for keeping coffee hot, and cold water really cold. I apologize but I forgot the name of the brand. It’s like a huge metal bottle.

@freakonaleash I swear man, I’m buying a house one day and I’m gonna pay you to be my personal cook lol. :wink:


If you live in Michigan or Wisconsin and you’ve got a college-bound young one, I very highly recommend Michigan Tech University. If they’re interested in a STEM career, that is.

It’s a fantastic STEM school in a beautiful small-town setting, not too big but not too small. I did my undergrad there, hope to retire to that little town, Houghton, someday.

When I went there it had 6300 undergrads, 75% of whom were majoring in some engineering field. Also, when I was there I knew several kids from Wisconsin who were paying in-state tuition rates, thanks to some reciprocity agreement. I can’t say enough good things.


I’d recommend any classical guitar by Cordoba. Beautiful instrument.

And any banjo by Deering.


Yes I bought it because it’s specifically designed to keep liquid hot or cold longer than any thermos out there. I have to drink very cold water so it’s designed to do that for three days. The only thermos close to it maintained ice for a day and a half. It really does stay ice cold for several days. It’s a serious plus for someone who needs ice water for a long time without constant access to ice.


So how much you going to pay your new personal chef? Lol


Something that I repeatedly buy is a box of those premoist lens wipes. I don’t really like using paper towels and glass cleaner to clean my glasses.


I really like the Vitamin Supplement from Doterra.

I also like me some Coke Zero :grinning:


Is it because that’s how you like it, or for a medical reason?

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I recommend



Loke, idk where you could buy it maybe check if there’s an official store 4 it. Online. But it might be a scam.

I bought it in a store but we live in different places

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I check all my skincare items including soap on a website call incidecoder

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