What do you really want to do in your life?

I want to get in a routine of doing interesting things every day, like working, reading, watching some TV, and taking care of myself like cooking. I want to be active and not sleep a lot and not feel negative. I don’t want money problems. I want life to be easy. I don’t ask for too much.


I want to be financially stable, emotional stable and able to continue to work and live on my own.


Two weeks away from being an empty nester, kidlet is off to college. I think it’s time to rediscover how awesome Mrs. Squirrel is. I see candlelit meals and mucho couch snuggling in the near future. That’s as far ahead as I’m planning right now.



Nothing. I just want to drown in my sadness.

The right man. 67899

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Same as @agent101g I just want a bf and a part time job right now. :blush:
Half way there because I see my peer coach client this Thursday and go distribute drug cards this Friday. Both are paid work. I might also add tutoring to the mix later if my energy holds up!
I don’t feel like it every day, but today I feel like I did what I wanted with life. I went to day treatment and psychiatry appointment and support group, I talked a lot, got hired for a gig on Friday, and felt good about seeing my bff. Now I’m sitting at a nice McDonalds waiting for my mom to get off work. I feel happy. Very grateful I don’t have a high stress life and can afford to sit here.


Nothing different to what I do now. Volunteer a couple of days in the city at my cricket club. Whilst I’m fit enough I’d like to keep playing cricket for a few more years at least. I’m fitter now at 49 than I was when I was 30.

I’d like to continue existing in some shape or form and I’d like to have a cat in my life again. That would be sweet!


Sound like healthy step of self-care and recovery, good~

Same :wave:t2:

Awwww, congrats!

:cold_sweat: I’m sorry, I hope you feel better soon

Hope you find one someday~

Wow, that’s good, I hope it goes well,
I’m glad you having a great tiime now

Wow so you current doing what you really want, that is so cool to live the life you wanted
in my country they don’t play cricket sO I don’y really know much, healthy body will help with healthy mind!
P.S. having cat is good, I think my cat help with my mental health


I think people have always deliberately impaired my ability to contribute anything worthwhile to society, and now I just try to survive. And they are upset about that.

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I was at first thinking I was bound to make low mobility computer gear, on account of my having arthritis in my elbows, but after a day of drinking alkaline water, my arthritis really feels like it’s clearing up! I might not need the gear after all.

If I can manage 5-7 hours a day of mousing with my newfound health and become a full time streamer eventually, I’m happy.

I’ll do some kind of basic job on the side, like web or game dev.

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I want answers to the blood pumping that I can hear in my head at night :face_with_head_bandage:

Aside from that I just want a full meaningful life


I want to finish my book trilogy. Not even half finished with book 2. I need a new computer though.


One of my dreams is to be a pianist, especially jazz pianist. If that doesn’t work then I’ll become a psychiatrist. LOL Mehhhh doubt it. But if anything I just want a stable job, a good love life, a house, good credit, and a decent life. It is all I can ask for and want, I don’t really want a rich life or fame, ya know?. You know Angelbeats we all sometimes are in a state of confusion, but eventually we find out what we want. Sometimes it isn’t anything big, but something rather humble and down to earth, something stable.


Don’t care too much about those mean people, most of them just mean harm and do nothing good to you
I said many times but I honestly think just living and try to live is good enough
especially if we have depression or mental illness that made living a lot harder so just being alive is already difficult for me

Everytime I read your username my brain quick read it as naturallycursed I hate my brain so much
Good to hear that your arthritis is gone and you feel better!
with being streamer I think it good if you do side job like web and game dev too
I hear a lot of streamer complain how unstable on youtube right now

oh I hope you find the right AP meds so that sound gone

I hope you finish it eventually, writing is a long road to go

I already said a lot about pianist, but they are cool!
I created this topic just because I’m in confusion, you got it right I’m confused lol

Since I was around 15 I always had intense planned about suicide but after time pass quit school,
my suicide behavior still going from stress cause by attitudes of professional at hospital
so I stopped seeing them een I want a help(since they aren’t allowed me to change main pdoc)

so I never think I would live this long but I did live this long!
and now I feel free from them all society exception
I want to die less and start to enjoy living, and I know how to deal with family problem now

wow I talk really long
yet now I starting consider living, so I ask you all here because I can feel relate to people here
so when I get example from people who also living with schizo
maybe I might got an idea and feel less alone since I see a lot of people having hope in their life even with this illness
but yep I’m still confused XD

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What I really want to do is pitch video game concepts, and head a team of talented designers and artists.

Kickstarter is kind of close to getting to that, but its funding other people’s pitches, sorta a crapshoot though when it comes to the reality.

Some nice games have come out of it though.

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God,I wish I knew…

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