What do you perservere on?

I perservere on my work,I go to work daily it is a culture of my race where everyone should go to go.At first I didn’t like to go to work daily,now I have got used to it and sometimes enjoy the time at work.

I also perservere on my workout,it’s been 5 years++ since I keep doing my workout,I don’t know when I would stop but I hope I can do it everyday till I step into the coffin

I perservere on taking my medication,there was quite a number of time I want to stop them for lot of reason and I stopped but messed up and get mental episode.So now I just take my medication daily,it’s been 2 continous year and more to come…the medication helps control my mood and let me think more normally…

Lastly,I perservere on football,i like english premier league,and follow Arsenal FC.I also play Fifa game on my PC,it’s fun…Recently I went to play Football/Soccer with other people and I enjoy it very much…

What do you persevere on doing and Dose it have any kind of benefit? :smile:


i persevere on my college course which is good for me to meet people and learn what i learn and it builds up skills and confidence i think.

i also persevere on my volunteer work which isn’t a lot just now but hoping to expand in the future or get a part time job when my anxiety gets better and the circumstances are right

and on my weekly service, i attend a weekly service and meet lots of nice people from my community, i also plan on attending more prayer meetings as well.

everything else is a bonus as long as i keep taking my meds and remain symptom free and get my anxiety under control


I think perseverance is what has gotten me this far.

Meds/ health… school… job… keeping my heart open… have all taken perseverance.

just getting through my day… and keeping mindful and grounded…

The benefit is… I’m still alive.


I like psychology. I like to lift weights. I dunno, what do I not persevere at?

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i just want to carry on moving forward


Perserverance is very important,I think not everyone can perservere on things in life they do

Sometimes persevering just means waking up in the morning for me. I take things one day at a time


Got to agree,keep it simple and you will have no pressure,with no pressure than only you can perform better…

Job, school, living independently, recovery.

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