What do you order from a Chinese takeaway?

I always enjoy getting takeaways with people I know because they always order items I would not usually get. Going to be ordering a Chinese later and getting a house special chow mein with a pancake roll. What do you lot always order?

Last night I was too tired to cook so I ordered ginger beef, sweet and sour pork, and pork thick (Shanghai?) noodles. Feel like I drank a jug of motor oil this morning and my gut is sideways. I think I’ll leave the leftovers for my kid and just have a small salad for supper to try and right the ship again. I should know better than to order this rubbish.

I usually go for either the orange chicken or kung pao chicken combination plate. Comes with fried rice and an egg roll.

Szechuan vegetables and rice

Lemon chicken is my favorite

I wish they made it in those dollar frozen meals.

Garlic lamb and shredded beef. My favourite is noodle soup, but they don’t door at my local takeaway. So we make it from scratch.

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Moo shoo pork and hot n sour soup is what I like. Sometimes lo mein but we don’t get it delivered out here in the woods

Dumplings :drooling_face:

Deep-fried shrimp, noodles, and sweet’n sour sauce.

My favourite dish was one I sometimes ordered when I lived in Oslo where they had chicken and noodles and pecan nuts.

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Shrimp lo mein. Back when I lived with my mom we would get a pu pu platter for 2 so we’d get all the appetizers.

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I have shrimp with lobster sauce (fried rice). Wanton soup and egg roll. My meal is not complete without a fortune cookie. They always say good things; never say that bricks are going to fall on my head.

Crab Rangoon and sesame chicken. And fried rice, depending on the place.

I always get Chicken Balls and Chicken Chow Mien

If they don’t have moo shoo pork I order General Tsos or beef lo mein.

I never order Chinese takeaway. But I’ve lived in China, in Sichuan, and I like their dishes and sometimes go to a Sichuanese restaurant. I like gong bao chicken and yu xiang eggplant and some dish that I never remember the name of and have to point to on a photo. I also like hotpot, but I haven’t found it here.

I usually order General Tsao chicken and steamed dumplings.

A shout out to egg foo young and pork fried rice!

hot and sour soup, veg. lo mein and general tso’s chicken.

Garlic eggplant, Kung pao chicken, orange chicken, mushu chicken

Crispy aromatic duck with hoisin sauce.