What do you need to know in life?

what do you need to know in life?

Moderation, skepticism, how to love, how to work, how to enjoy yourself, how to live within your means, how to learn.


Well you gotta get a good feel for what’s real. Esp as a schizo. Learn how to learn even the most complex of things. And most importantly you must develop the drive to accomplish things. General problem skills can help break down what is insurmountable into more bite sized tasks.

I have huge issues with drive. Right now I’m just focusing on quieting my voices and becoming less sexually obsessed in my thinking. If I can knock out this psychosis and stop sexualizing everything I’ll feel more at peace with the world. I’ve come a long way. Maybe by the time I’m thirty I’ll have gotten myself into a position to learn how to push myself and do what is difficult. We are creatures with boundless potential if we apply ourselves. Gotta carve a life out of this world.

Here’s a good place to start:




that the most precious/memorable things in life are actually ’ free '.
take care


Don’t eat the yellow snow.

Your posts sometimes lift a lot of burden from me and I start feeling light. They are free too and yes, certainly invaluable.

Back to the topic:
Share your sorrows and happiness. Forgive others and yourself. Move on and look forward…

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