What do you like about guys?

What do you like about guys? this is for anyone to answer

I’m sure all of the answers will be non superficial and non materialistic to look like a good person (woman), but the real answer is likely, partly superficial and materialistic because it’s so conditioned into us by capitalism.

i didnt think anyone would even answer

Hard working
Main thing is that they love me for who I am
Open minded

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I’m gay. I like guys because of their looks and their personality. Obviously. And I wouldn’t want to be straight. It’s easier to be with a guy. And women are not the fairer sex. They just use make-up.


would you go with a man if he had problems?

Depends. And their attitude toward the problem.

what if he were schitzo? i know i am asking on a schitzo forum if a schizo can date another schitzo person

If he is looking after himself and depending on how I feel for him, I’d consider it.

But I’m not looking

im not looking either

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I hope you find someone when you look.

i havent got a chance. im a down and out person and people like me have no chance

Well, I’m gay and was raised in a house full of women. I guess because of this I find it easier to be friends with women. I’ve had a couple of platonic guy friends though.

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