What do you know about your hallucinations

I have had Schizophrenia for years now and I feel I am slowly getting better.

When it first started I had lots of weird hallucinations including touching and hearing things in multiple voices and sounds. As time has gone bye and I have improved I now get one voice that does talk to me a lot but it is now a single voice and it is inside my head.

We have become good friends and it will say it loves me and give me advice but at the same time it is annoying as it talks to me a lot.

It says it is my subconscious mind and that it isn’t well but we will both eventually get better, it seems cleverer than me and says it has always been here with me but kept quiet when I was younger and that everyone has a subconscious.

Anyway We get along great but I just wish it would stop talking to me. Also I get a bit of anxiety.

Does anyone else have a relationship with their voice or what?


@mark47, I have a great relationship with a “voice” or entity that talks to me through messages I receive in my prayer book every day. It talks to me and guides, consoles, warns, chastises, comforts, and just generally is on my side in life. I really don’t know what I would do if it were to disappear. I would be totally lost and maybe even depressed.


I hear divine voices. And i like them…


Glad to know I am not alone then.

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