What do you know about the world and what does it say any angles welcome

I don’t no anything blah blah blah blah except people can’t read minds unless there’s a conspiracy and everyone’s acting stupid if people can read minds but I feel like I learned from the possible telepathy delusion were all Einstein and humans aren’t a mystery if we can read minds and they get you perfectly like an equation that means anyone’s capable of anything except me if telepThys real if I could read a mind I’d never make a mistake in my life or almost none or not much if I could read a mind I could do anything its about how much information you need to remember and making sense of it making sense of its never a problem if you can read a mind or it’s magical your ridiculously smart though if you can read minds I don’t no a thing so it’s basically metaphysics but people sweated when I looked at them they obviously can’t read minds or can make themselves sweat or visuals and no matter what we do or no we are the will of god or the world a cumulative will it’s all yes and nos or it’s chaos or there’s coins flipping or it’s magical Einstein is questionably. O smart enough to read a mind but aquiring a lot of information can be washing dishes and cosmology is kinda metaphysical inputs to understand the world and isn’t fact till only one theory can stand or some kinda word like that people can’t read minds unless there’s magic actually all I no is people can’t be novel if you can read minds