What do you guys think about Colorado's stance on opening longterm hospitals?

I wish i could find the article to link but apparently they are putting a ton of money into reopening institutionalized hospitals. One person made the comment it would create jobs. I find that frightening because most likely they will be greatly unqualified to work with the mentally ill. That’s kind of already problem as it is. Somebody from NAMI suggested a emphasis on peer support would help fix the system. Thoughts?

it’s just the word… institutions. Brings back the dark ages.

We have long term care facilities for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.

IF we could get that sort of over sight… that sort of understanding and not just being warehoused away… I’d say… they are needed. But not like how they were.

There has to be a way to help the people who need the long term care to get the long term care. But a lot more education and oversight has to be involved.

As psychiatrist get to see that yes… we can go to school… are teachable… can function with support… then maybe long term care will really be more about healing and reintegrating.

As it stands now… we’re not there yet.

Besides… the dude from Colorado can say anything he want’s… according to our government… there is no money for food stamps for active soldiers families… If we’re going to cut food stamps and other help so dramatically… then we’re not going to be building anything new anytime soon.

That’s just me.

Yeah its going to interesting to see what happens. I’m optimistic with all the new research. They may have even found a cure to Alzheimer’s.

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I think there needs to be something for those who aren’t going to manage even with supported housing etc. Though it shouldn’t be a throwback to the old asylums.
Then there are those who fall in the middle. IE those who can function independently but need,and often don’t get, good quality support to have the best quality of life possible.
I think with community care, especially with the chronically mentally ill, there is a tendency to think if people are functioning independently at a very basic level then that’s good enough for them.

Absolutely. We just keep getting dumped…I just remember there are some of us still receiving forced lobotomy’s in the world :frowning: I guess that’s why I support National Alliance of the Mentally Ill. Its something.

Not sure how to feel about this

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They getting all this money from pot and just spending it on problems they will create or worsen.

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