What do you feel good about?

After sitting here in the late afternoon, I didn’t feel good about anything. I was tempted to drink some beer to feel good, even though I’m an alcoholic. After texting my sister, I decided I feel good about successfully quitting NSAID’S after starting taking prescription Meloxicam. You can’t take NSAID’S while taking Meloxicam. I’ve just been taking Tylenol which is allowed, and Tonight I’m going Tylenol free. It takes Meloxicam 2 weeks to work, and it’s for arthritis pain and inflammation. Do you feel good about anything?

I just gave $30 to the Bahamas relief effort, I think it was UNICEF, if I remember correctly, and I gave $25 to Tulsi Gabbard. She’s the only one talking sense about these regime change wars.

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I wish my finances were in order and I had money to give to charity.

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