What do you feel depressed about?

I feel depressed about my sz illness altogether.

I feel so lonely I am depressed.

my life is disorganized, outside of work right now, so I am depressed.


I have physical illnesses that prevent me from doing a lot of the things i used to enjoy and still wish I could do. Depression is a serious illness, so I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say it makes me depressed, but I definitely have a hard time accepting it and living with it some days.

I miss going to work, I had to take two months off. I’m chafing at the bit to return to work. But with the great support of you guys I am ready to pick up where I left off in two weeks.

I am depressed about Schizophrenia

I learned to deal with my schizophrenia for now.

The only thing is that I am not close with any of my relatives. So yeah, I am pretty much alone.

ifeelblessed, I hope you feel better soon.

Today is the anniversary of finding a tiny freezing kitten in a parking lot. He and I were a team for my entire adult life. He died two years ago.

My six year old nephew has been having a rough time, and he’s just been diagnosed with selective mutism. I want things to be easier for that little dude.

My roommate has beat cancer twice, but has started having some odd symptoms. Waiting and not knowing is the worst.

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I suffer from a Mood disorder, so feeling depressed is normal for me.

No psychological reasons for my depression - it’s purely biological.

What do I feel depressed about? The possible future I might have. I try to keep myself focused on the present, because of that.

sounds rough rhubot. I am sorry to hear that. judy