What do you enjoy the most in life?

My SZ gave me one bad thing: its harder for me to read or watch movies because of my worse concentration.
Also, no matter how much I LOVE communication - it’s way harder to find friends.
Even finding a boyfriend, or a lifelong partner (actually my dream now) seems as an impossible thing.
I could mention way more such things.
Only thing which feels better for me is how I think. I feel like I am more honest with myself, more grounded(before my ilness I was like those divas in movies, self centered and feeling that world is mine), so now I am more or less a better person…
But I feel so much sadness of the losses I have :frowning:
I feel like I lost a very big part of me.

What is your favourite thing, activity after the beginning of SZ? What changed overall?



I don’t know.

I enjoy socializing still (when I’m in the right mood)

I enjoy shopping.

I enjoy being a mom.

I enjoy food way too much after the illness, sadly.

I also used to enjoy movies before my illness, not so much anymore :woman_shrugging:


Also enjoy shopping ,
And also sadly I started enjoying food too much.

And one day I hope I will become mom too :slight_smile:


It depends how I’m feeling and who I’m with.

I can enjoy a dip sometimes but sometimes i don’t enjoy it and don’t have space and time to just be and be comfortable and relaxed and playful.
Most of the time i don’t enjoy it although I love it but it depends people around and etc

I enjoy eating and drinking.

I enjoy being comfortable with someone but I’m uncomfortable around most people.

I was comfortable around my x and we have a beautiful connection but he ghosted me so I broke up .we were together two years and he is the only person I’ve been comfortable with so that’s difficult for me .I don’t have anyone now that I’m so comfortable with.
Most other I’m uncomfortable with so avoid them.

I enjoy being with animals.

I can enjoy things but sometimes I just don’t.
I’m so upset when i don’t enjoy going for a dip.
This is something I was sooooo happy doing in South Australia.I had some of the best moments of my life going for dips but I was at home there, safe n comfortable n welcomed.


Yeah I love shopping too but I do online shopping because being in shopping centre with people might be too stressful for me.


I made a thread about this, I basically need to watch a movie I want with a person I like now most of the time or the movie won’t feel that good to watch, especially if it’s a comedy makes me think i’m boring lol.

I guess it would be browsing the web, listening to music, and making calls with loved ones all on my computer.

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Walking. I love walking.


To crush your enemy.
See them driven before you.
And to hear the lamentation of the womennnnnn.


The main thing I enjoy in life it’s just feeling like living and doing things and getting things done and taken care of.I just wanna feel like doing something. And then actually enjoy doing it is icing on the cake.


I like problem solving. Earlier on, during my degree i never understood indexing. And just now, i read two paragraphs and understood it flawlessly. It made me happy when it clicked in my brain and i felt better and productive.


I enjoy books and music


Since SzA, I have learned to crochet. I’m reaaally slow at completing projects, but I still like it.

And since I’ve had to stop working, since the summer of 2021, we only have Hubby’s income. We have grown to love going to thrift stores and yard sales, to find great deals on stuff! I recently got some nice shirts from Goodwill, and two of them still had the tags from the original stores they came from! So, brand new shirts for like 3 or 4 dollars each.


My favorite thing to do is sleep.


I love walking, traveling, listening to music, studying and drinking coffee.


I enjoy my family, the rest of life is just filler.


Nicotine is what i enjoy most in life. Joking around online is my second favorite.


Languages and linguistics. Podcasts SYSK podcast


@heyguys123 you know, I spent about 4 years unable to read. That just killed me because words are my life. Or were. I was a voracious reader until my worst psychotic breakdown.

Then suddenly, I couldn’t read anything more involved than a web article or post. Books were beyond me.

Then one day, I sat down with a book and could read and comprehend the words again. The fiction made sense. Now I am back to reading full novels!


We’re getting you writing them again next.

[ poke poke poke ]