What do you enjoy most about this site?

hahah, Jon, good to see you. you been okay?

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I went to a new studio twice daze!!! Had a rough morning. Existential Crisis but I’m over it.

I got re diagnosis to a PD. My therapist can’t negate my sza diagnosis. But she can diagnosis me as DID which I think makes more sense

hmm, there’s usually a cause with that, just from what I’ve read.
glad you’re doing your music.
you’re young enough to keep doing it.

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You only dislike me because I don’t tolerate your misbehavior and disrespectful tendencies. Keep insulti g me or anyone else today and we’ll see how far it gets you.

I’m DONE with the way you act.


Maybe you should start reciprocating respect for once?


I treat everyone on this forum as they trsat me and others.

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it might be good for once if you went after somebody else, like those instigating a fight.

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What exactly do you call your comment to me, then?

truth. I’m a truther on Facebook and my blog too.

Gah. Here I go, trying to reason with troublemakers, which I said I wouldn’t do.

You two can keep your insults and lack of respect to yourself. I’m done with this conversation.