What do you eat in a week?

This is my ideal meals for a week… I’m hoping we could share ideas on what to eat, something cheap and easy to prepare would be ideal.

Breaky (when i have it) cereal including… crunchy nut cornflakes, weetabix or porridge

For Lunch i normally have a cheese/ham toastie or a bacon or sausage sandwich and occasionally scrambled eggs on toast


  • steak (4mins each side)
  • portion of mince (25mins in a pot with sauce) heat pasta
  • Diced Lamb (slow cooker then add sauce and boil rice)
  • Pork chops (4mins each side)
  • smash is a good side, baked beans, baby carrots
  • (thinking about getting fresh fish) but its not a favourite and idk what to have it with
  • scotch pies, sausage rolls
  • chicken in bread crumbs (heat in oven and serve with noodles)

snacks- pot noodle, crisps, cakes, biscuits

its mostly meat and i’m worried sometimes that i eat too much meat and idk if that is a good thing, i also worry that i dont eat enough greens and fear that i have a very bad diet :frowning:

What about you guys?

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iced coffee
egg salad

3 chicken drumsticks
cauliflower rice
salad lettuce and almonds

Coconut popsicle


Su[er burrito - beans, rice, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream in a tortilla (you could
add meat if you like)

Edna June Salad- iceberg lettuce, onion, tomatoes, ham, swiss cheese, mayo, crushed doritos

Apple Walnut Salad- spring mix lettuce, fuji apples, glazed walnuts, blue cheese, maple vinaigrette

Hamburger steak- with cottage cheese and tomatoes

Chicken Chili- shredded chicken with salsa verde, green chilis and white beans, tortilla chips

Lentil Tacos - lentils cooked with carrots and cumin, taco shells, lettuce, cilantro, lime, sour cream


Breakfast: juice, oatmeal with raisins, coffee and milk. Lunch: nuts and a soda. Dinner: hamburger, rice, celery, mushrooms, onion and soy sauce.


This week I had whole grain bagel with 2 boiled eggs and carrots and strawberries for breakfast, a turkey sandwich or leftovers for lunch and for dinner we had chicken and baked potato and apples and hotdogs and potato salad and broccoli. Sometimes i had snacks of core power protein shakes, ramen, low fat pork rinds or poptarts. I also had a bit of alcohol this week, just some fireball yesterday. A couple of days i had a monster energy drink because I was very tired.

Overall my diet is much healthier than it was. I used to get fast food/takeout 2 out of 3 meals a day and eat pretty much no fruits or veggies.


I eat out almost every meal or ill eat canned soup


you guys seem to have very healthy diets so far

I’m trying to cut out take out food as much as i can, its very expensive and i feel like i am getting ripped off, its also not very healthy what i get,

like i can get a very good pizza with stuffed crust for £2 in the shops but in the takeaway it can be as much as £6-£7 or even up to £19.99 for a Dominos pizza which is extortionate.


Despite that I am still gaining weight like crazy :disappointed: I really need to count my calories every day, it is just exhausting. I need to cut out those junk snacks I mentioned too.


I have been eating a load of junk snacks lately too :frowning:

I’m not one for counting calories though, usually my stomach tells me when i’ve had enough, i try and eat in moderation.

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@mrhappy Wow your meal plan is amazing. I love it. :cut_of_meat: :meat_on_bone:

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Im not a great cook, I only know about 20 meals. I normally cook things like spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, stroganovs, haddock. They are all pretty basic meals but, they all taste good.


I eat vegan style food as much as i can

Breakfast -
oats or polenta porridge

Lunch - pasta/lentils/noodles/potatoes/veggie soup/chickpeas/brown rice

Supper -

Snacks -
Coffee & bread with peanut butter and jam. Chips (naughty naughty)


I bought 6 meals today on offer 3 Chinese/3 Indian meals £12 :slight_smile:

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