What do you do

I find myself alone even in groups sometimes. I can delve deep into conversations and relate quite a bit, but don’t feel connection. Can’t watch a movie unless I can talk/cut up during it. Otherwise, I get bored and have to walk. I have to walk. Like walking my thoughts. Could spend hours doing so if not for a bad knee.

What do y’all do???

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Same thing here except I write with my voices


I don’t have schizophrenia but I do have bad knees which I have found can be improved by doing squats or better one legged “Bulgarian” squats, or climbing stairs three stairs at a time. It seems maybe that my knee pain is due to incorrect knee movements due to weak knee muscles - the smaller muscles that keep my knees straight and pistol like.

My voices have been quieted by my AP’s. I almost miss them. It’s like they are muted in the distance now.

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I go driving but I used to walk in the morning and get coffee.

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I am a content writer @MadMatt

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Im always alone, even with my family and close friends.

I haven’t got any god advice about the walking thing, but you are not alone, i do the same, i get bored watching a movie.

Im always in motion unless i write.

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@MadMatt oh sweetheart… we all miss the good parts of them. Why do you think so many szs stop medicating? They want that good back but it comes at a price.

You never know when the bad ones are going to sneak in and pull mental tricks on you. Smile. I know you miss them but I look at it this way. I can’t feel or hear them but they are there waiting for the days when I forget to take meds. They wait for the moment I meditate looking for those comforting sensations I once knew so well. It may be a delusion but it is a loving one. Who wouldn’t miss that?

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