What do you do?


What do you do when you are in a social setting and you hear a voice and it scares you. Do you react to it or try to pretend it didnt happen?


I try to ignore them as much as possible, if I can. My voices usually aren’t startling, though. The one voice likes to comment when I’m having a conversation, he’ll say mean things about the person I’m talking to, but I don’t really get scared when he shows up. Sometimes, depending on who I’m with, I might acknowledge him, either laugh or scowl disapprovingly, my friends know I hear voices so I can just refer to them like they were other participants in the conversation. Usually they’ll just ask, “what did they say?” and I’ll tell them if it’s not too rude.


Thanks for the replies
I just ignored it but i turned my head to look for someone and no one was there


I would use copingtutor.

You have to pay a subscription to use copingtutor. It’s somewhat similar to a computer program developed in the UK that helped to reduce or eliminate the auditory hallucinations plaguing schizophrenics.

You have to ask Brian (szadmin) about the program more in detail.


Thank you Tanaka! I just went there and that looks helpful.


Before I know it’s voices I react on them. Like someone laugning behind me or yelling at me to get out of the way. But when I know they aren’t real I try to ignore them.


It depends on who is around. If it’s my family I ignore the voices until I get home then let them have a piece of my mind.
If I’m outside or in a store, I assume t’s all part of the experiment and try not to react in a negative way.


ive only heard voices when psychosis hit me, other than that i don’t hear voices, ive turned a corner in my life


I try to ignore them in public. I’m pretty used to my voices now. I haven’t had any new ones for a while. So I recognize the voice and try to ignore. My family knows me pretty well, and sometime when I do answer the voices my family won’t make a big deal out of it unless I’m heading deeper into my head for a full conversation. I have a constant commentator and I have to ignore him. He is non-stop chatter.
If I ever heard a new voice, I would most likely react.