What do you do when you feel it coming on

I don’t want one to happen a panic anxiety attack how can I prevent one from coming on? I hope all will be well

Called my doctor for a talk, breathing doesn’t help need peace and quiet, if I can go to the hospital before it happens that would be great, but you have to wait so long, and they may not treat you sometimes, being home is better though
If I lived on my own I would stay in my room and to deal with it the best I could
Music and tv doesn’t help, maybe online shopping

I can’t stop a panic attack but if it happens I breathe deep and tell my husband if he’s with me then he soothes me and holds my hand. If I’m alone I self talk positive things like “everything is going to be ok” etc. In a few minutes it’s gone.

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I’ve been practicing talking to myself in my head to change my negative thoughts so that when anxiety starts to rise up I can talk myself out of it instead if into it worse. It seems to be helping. But I haven’t had a panic attack yet to try it out so we will see. Sometimes for me they come on so fast there isn’t too much I can do about it except run.

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