What do you do when you feel an episode coming on

My anxiety is hell right now!!! I’m paranoid as ■■■■!!! I can’t stop shaking!!! My voice won’t leave me alone!!! I need help to calm down!!!

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You got no PRN meds to take? I do a low dose of Seraqoul - and put headphones on with some music.

Just keep telling yourself that it will pass. And it will. Try to relax. Your anxiety is just feeding it.

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What’s PRN? I take Geodon but I think this is more of a PTSD trigger than sz

Get a cold bag from the freezer and hold it on your face breathe in and hold to the count of ten and blow out slowly.

p.r.n. : Abbreviation meaning “when necessary” (from the Latin “pro re nata”, for an occasion that has arisen, as circumstances require, as needed).

Cant you go for a walk? Or put a comedy on the TV/PC to get your mind on something else?

Try focusing on 1 thing in the room. Notice what it looks like, what it feels like, etc. Spend about 5 mins. If needed, try another object. It’s tough, at first.

You can do this!

I get on say anything thread and sound the alarm!

Sometimes people say encouraging things… it’s just nice to have someone hear me when I’m very sick, keeps me grounded.

I find when I get episode that I can’t move as I feel so scared I try saying this will pass

I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m fighting reality with fiction. I’m so scared

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Sending you hugs :hugs:

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I can share my way how to deal with it & by this time you already had your episode but still…take a deep breath & exhale slowly,think of all good memories which you have & adore… distract your mind with whatever you do best & lastly most important is talk to someone, don’t aloof yourself be social atleast with one person & try some breathing exercises…this way I calm myself hope you also find it helpful…

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I’d call someone on your medical team as soon as you can.

Thank you everyone for your help! It took nearly 10 hours to calm down. I’m slightly okay but I’ll survive


It’s horrible glad you got some relief now
It happens to me regularly

I talk to my hubby or my pdoc. Usually hubby first, then doctor. I like to pass everything by him to make sure I’m making enough sense to explain this to my doc. If you have someone you trust, it’s good to reach out.

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I mostly wait under a blanket till it passes. Or call someone…medical or friend. Or post a “help!!!” message here. Or listen to soothing music.

Good you are at least slightly okay. Hold on, it will get better.

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