What do you do when you dont want to take meds?


what do you do when you dont want to take meds ?


You put up with the craziness. Exercise helps


I tell my dad and he tells me to think carefully about my decision. I always take them right after our conversation.


Relapse. 151515


You stop taking them, go crazy, lose a few friends, get hospitalized for a few months, and then decide that maybe it’s worth it afterall.


I’m going through this right now.


This is me after 5 years of being recovered.


I just dissociate


i never want to take meds but i know i have to or i would be a gibbering wreck :frowning:


How about looking at the millions of people who have been helped by them?


Meds make me dissociate more.


I’d probably take my meds unless I had an iron-clad natural way of reducing SZ symptoms.


I take the meds anyhow.


I was gonna secretly reduce the dose on my own. Thankfully I came across someone who did something similar… They relapsed bad n that put me off. Always consult with ur psychiatrist, Cpn they only wanna help