What do you do when a nurse is verbally abusive towards you?

i was verbally abused by a nurse today and i complained but idk what else to do bc i am still upset about it and i want something done about it

What did she say to you? Hope that you are feeling better now

Complain is all you can do, but it rarely achieves anything. Best thing to do is just move on.

What exactly do you mean by verbally abused? What did she or he say?

I had a nurse that would make me undress infront of her and she would just stare at me for like 10 minutes straight. It wasn’t to change or give me a shower, it scared me so much. I don’t know a direct answer to your question though relating to verbal abuse.

i just signed in to see the duty nurse when we sat down the nurse said who is it and the receptionist said my name and then the nurse said ‘aw that we fanny’ which is highly offensive language especially coming from a nurse

@HuckFinn might be able to translate that. It might have been a term of endearment.

Looked it up and it’s slang for either the butt or female genitals. And then wee means small. So she basically called him a little ass, it seems like. I don’t think it’s super offensive but I do think it was unprofessional / not something she should have said, if she said it.

it sounds like shes saying “petite” with “wee fanny” im not sure if its acceptable professional behavior in their environment… im a generation in as an American.

its negative and its like calling someone a pussy, not very nice to hear and it just shows how they treat people in there its a disgrace really

That is rough. You are a good person. You are valuable. I hope they reprimand her.

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it was a guy and i hope so too, he should know better because he could lose his license over something like that.

i phoned my GP and she has referred me to another clinic so thank god for that, i just hope its not as bad as the one i had phew, that was totally unprofessional what he said and i just hope that no-one here gets the same treatment anywhere else. take care

■■■■■■ really?!


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still feel ■■■■ about it anyway,

btw i had to write this reply because it was on the number 13 and that scares the ■■■■ out of me as well sometimes

Not trying to pin you down but the insult sounds like it came from someone in Scotland. Was it in a Scottish hospital? Cos I have had some terrible experiences in Scottish hospitals. Think you should def make a complaint.

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if its UK I am not sure on the laws, but in the US any offensive language used by a nurse is supposed to result in a 'sufficent and acceptable punishment, that is agreeable to both hospital policy/needs and patient."

I studied nursing for two years, including the laws, before I was diagnosed. One of the first things they teach in American colleges in regards to nursing is ‘sensitivity and PC’ which is annoying how much they expect from you, but a nurse is expected to be professional at all time.

and after asking my roommate who is moved to the US from Wales when he was 10, the rough meaning, when used as slang, is indeed ‘little pussy’ and is considered EXTREMELY offensive by most people…

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yes and @Dremulf you are right as well, i have been taught social care level 5/6 and its the same you are taught, repect, non-judgemental and non descrimatory etc lots of things like puting the needs of the patient first and things, clearly something has gone wrong here for this to happen,

on a brighter note my mum came over today and is here now and she said she was proud of me for sticking up for myself like i did so that made me feel a bit better.


another call from the person i complained to about it stating all the facts has left me very shaken up, i keep thinking they are all in it together and that he is trying to get him off the hook, i said i didnt want to hear his side of the story because i know that it is all rubbish and that he is a liar because he denied it straight away, it was blatantly obvious what he said and the way he said it and my friend can back me up because she was there so there is no excuse he can come up, he didnt know we were there i think, thats all i can think of.

anyway i get the letter of complaint next week and i just hope he has down everything that was said and doesnt try and confuse me about the issues.

I’m glad you chose to write a letter, that nurses’ boss should know how they treated you.

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