What do you do whats creative?

i love creativity… i am making plans in a creative way


i like to draw. recently within past month or so i tried watercolor painting. may or may not continue with the watercolor. thinking about getting one of those tracing light boxes for more detailed pieces of art. but i will try and find some pics of some drawings i did recently. other than that i like to make hip hop beats instrumental music
the jedi meditating is on my computer on the paint program



I used to do all sorts of creative stuff as a kid. Ive never been a creative genius, but i loved doing it. As an adult i was too perfectionistic to enjoy it, but with my son i still do a lot of childrens creative stuff. Perhaps something to pick up in the New year for myself.

Looks good! 1515

Wow @noahide, you draw really good! I really like the turtle.

I love getting out an about in the summer and then I later on like to modify the photos in Photoshop. I also sometimes like to make mini video clips and things like that.

I write poetry.

I like to do photography. Have been getting into night photography and long exposures more recently. Will be getting back into art when my parents move out.

Fantastic drawings

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