What do you do to try to stay fit?

This is my simple work out, but it is easy to keep a routine of it, and hey it is better than nothing. I sometimes work my swiss machine for more variety. I also go on a 1.5 mile walk/run a couple times a week when I stay focused. I try to do this weight lifting routine with free weights and my own natural body weight every other day.

Push ups
Standing up dumbbell curls
Upright dumbbell rows
Crush grip goblet squat
Sit ups

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I dont workout. I try to eat less, but do whatever makes you happy

plus mindfulness yoga and pranayammmm…
if possible art of meditation…

It’s more of what I’m not doing anymore that is helping me to get in shape now. I quit drinking and smoking and eating simple carbs so to loose toxic fat around my mid section. It is not hard to not do these things like what everyone makes it out to be, so far anyway.

I stay away from the more complicated exercises because I don’t have a work bench and I don’t want injures.

Such as the shoulder press is risky to do standing up and I don’t think it is a good idea to do it on a mattress. I know someone with a serious back problem from training now that they are older. I think if your work out routine is equivalent to doing construction you’re at risk to long term damage just like them. It only stands to reason.

OK, I decided I am going to add the tripod DB rows to the mix. Also I am going to do the dumbbell curl and press instead of just standing up dumbbell curls. Theoretically this is supposed to improve my athletic performance and work more muscle groups.

I walk back and forth briskly in my room two hours a day - one in the morning and one in the evening. It’s helped me keep my weight down. I can eat without gaining weight when I do this. It also keeps my blood pressure down.

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I ride my bike 1-2 miles per day. Seems I’m not losing weight though. I’m more concerned with my heart’s health though.

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I walk in the House for miles - I lost a lot of weight doing this

My strategy is that of an astronaut. I don’t want my body to atrophy from a low g environment.

Tomorrow I will go on a walk/run. I have problems running on cement; it hurts my knees, but there is a nice dirt trail portion I can run on just fine. I wish I had a track I could run on, but I haven’t been able to locate a public one in my area.

I swim… that’s my favorite thing to do…

Plus I have a pretty physical job. It helps me keep moving.