What do you do on Thanksgiving Eve?

What do you do on the night before Thanksgiving? Anything? Some people go out to bars and see old friends (busiest night at the bars, at least here in the US). Personally, this year, I’m smoking a tri tip roast for my family. Most years we usually get takeout from a restaurant, so mom doesn’t have to cook.

How about you? Any special meal or plans for the day before Thanksgiving? I know it’s also a big travel day, as well.


That sounds really nice!

I’ll be at my parents house, which is about 6 hours away. I don’t normally see them for Thanksgiving so no idea what we’ll be doing the eve of or the actual day.

When I was a college student and around that age I would see friends at bars.

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Clean the kitchen and run to the grocery store for things I forgot.

Take it easy…

One of my fondest memories from childhood was on Thanksgiving eve making homemade pumpkin ice cream with my family. I was 11 and it is one of the few times I can actually remember being genuinely happy without the condition of having crap hang over my head. I remember my family was happy, and everyone was excited for turkey day and then mom and sisters would go black Friday shopping. (I was hoping for the new gameboy that year)

I don’t want to sound like a sad sap, its supposed to be a happy memory and I have had happy memories since then, many in fact, but that was the last time I can remember being carefree and feeling safe.


this is the way to go

homemade pumpkin ice cream sounds AWESOME

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