What do you do in your mind when you are suffering voices or episodes ect

I usually sing a song in my mind. For example, I like to sing the song in my mind “Every little thing is going to be alright”. I think it is by Bob Marley.


I saw one guy counting 1 to 30, out loud when he was getting an episode. That was when I was going to the Drop in center.

I used to try to “fight back” now I try to ignore, pray or say a psalm. Last time I sang a gospel song.

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I lay down in bed and inhale love exhale peace in deep breaths.

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I take a nap. Maybe try to do a hobby . I tell mine to shut up. It works a bit

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I vape alot not healthy but I’m usually pretty messed up if I’m having an episode

Sometimes i listen to Christian songs. Sometimes i try to distract myself, sometimes ask for help, sometimes think my way out, sometimes just sleep and hope to wake up in a better mood.

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