What do you currently focus on?

my focus, is health and fitness, work, studies, hobbies, mom and dad

  1. Being respectfull and mature
  2. Being on the beach

Creating music, eating well and keeping my mood up as much as possible

Oh, and getting the siding on my house redone


silence when I think if it

Family and work, obviously. For hobbies I’ve shifted most of my attention to photography right now while the weather is agreeable and there are interesting things to shoot. There is also kayaking and archery. I’ll shift back to indoor activities once the cold returns.

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I focus on whatever seems interesting and then I read about it and sometimes write about it. It’s also curiosity.

I am focusing on trying to get rid of this awful diarrhea

Sorry to hear that… I don’t really have any advice on that. I personally like it when I get that cos I lose weight.

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