What do u think billionaire like Bill Gates and Warren buffet are not investing on schizophrenia ..!

Is it due to lack of knowledge or this illness is hard to predict…!!!
I think if they donate wholeheartedly it will easier to find a cure…!!
Have your say Guys …!!!

He’s a monster.

Wants to implant women uterus to not get pregnant.

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Where did you read that @far_cry0 ??

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I meant to say that why they are not encourage to spent on Sz rather then malaria and Aids…!!!

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He’s in cohorts with John Kerry to control population

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I don’t know if he’s in cahoots with Kerry but I never heard him talk about mental illness… guess this would change if his own son or daughter developed a mental illness, but we are not that lucky :))

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The mafia/media/government complex is creating a design

that takes every individual choice or lifestyle away from them.

John Kerry wants to implant every baby for safety reasons.

Both William and Harry are implanted in their shoulders tracked everywhere they go.

I wish and hope with curse that their son/daughter would get Sz Rather …then that will open their Eyes and they will think about mental illness…Meaning We only have one hero Sir Ted Stanley and his 650million donation…!!!
I some time contemplate that what if all those money(650million) are used up…!!!

I do not care where Bill Gates invests, when I change my laptop in the future, I am planning not to have Microsoft’s operating system. Their cell phone business will go bankrupt any way.

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There are other things these men have done for the betterment of mankind. Just because they have a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s right to expect they spend it turning over every stone.

Having schizophrenia… as much as the illness sucks. Do you not feel like a better human being than you were prior?

We are robbed of our childhoods and young adulthoods… we’re forced to grow up. Inside that bubble of all the security we can muster and find for ourselves. By and large many of us remain innocent and sweet. Many of us love life and we do so realistically without boundaries… not many other demographics bare that potential.

I do not mind my brother, being schizophrenic, it binds me to good folks like you! All the friends I have on here are priceless to me.

I still struggle with some issues and on some notes… I get pissed and ranty and stressed. I know I fail on a lot of points of modesty and knowing the proper realm of things to keep my thoughts within… but it’s an inspiration to see @minnii @rhubot and @flybottle so casually reposed and always baring a proper presentation.

I mentoin them specifically because they are inspiring! You are all inspiring to me on some level.

I like your charm and humor @far_cry0


thanx Azley…!!!
u are one among struggler poster in these forum …keep writing …Professor…!!!

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They don’t know what the sz is. And they already have plan about their money.
I think only if you have family memeber have sz, then you really know what the sz is.

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I think his wife does most of the donation planning…and he just tags along and forks over the cash…and Microsoft donated wayyy more than greedy ass Steve jobs did…it would be nice but to be honest its just a plus they donate to anything at all…

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Day will come for Sz too…!!!

@everhopeful what u have to say in this thread…!!!

What? Me? Uh… well Bill Gates and Buffett can’t cure schizophrenia even if they gave all their money towards it.

Pharma companies make more money and spend more money in a few years than the combined wealth of buffett and gates.


i was specially worried about Sz research going to dry…is it…???

I’ve no idea. I hope not.

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