What do u do?

What do you when someone swears at you or calls you a whore. Have this happen to me more than once, and i don’t know these people or why they are calling me all these names. It totally ruins my mood for the day. Has anyone out there been name called?

I’m very keen in this regard I say something like “that’s not very nice!” And it makes me feel better if I do this because I stood up for myself while taking the high road at the same time! Sorry this happened to you I know it’s not easy to deal with.

No people have called me names that I have heard. They may have done it behind my back.

One time I saw the grass spelling out words like that to me. It scared me a lot, and it really upset me because I’m not any of those names.

Just tell them, “You’re poorly brought up. We never talked that way in my house growing up.”

It’s a good line, because you are inadvertently insulting their parents at the same time as insulting them.


Whatever you say it’s all about confidence

Gotta be confident

Don’t show weakness or else they feel they’ve successfully brought their own misery onto you!

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my father in law is the only one who openly calls me names. i apologized once for walking so slow while doing yard work, he said, “its okay brown we all know you ride the short bus”

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Also they do this because they can read my intrusive thoughts and I have someone inside my body. I feel somewhat possessed. This is probably the schizophrenic part of me. I need help, suffer from anxiety and panic attacks because of them. Don’t want to die like this. Feel like someone is inside my thoughts. Did not suffer from intrusive thoughts before but someone is always trying to read my thoughts and my thoughts became the jworse for it.

I am like that. I think people can read my mind and I’ve been called out in public a couple of times. I wear headphones when I’m in public and I take clonazepam when I visit high-stress areas. My goal is to say something back when someone upsets me but I’m working on that.

I have a traumatic memories of my father’s anger and I hate so much when someone raises a voice at me - I get really scared.
As for calling names and being offensive, it depends: either it makes me more agitate and I fight back or I just ignore it and go pity myself at home.

@Patrick gave you a good line, I might use it too.

Also I should say that a girl called me a ■■■■ today. In front of a guy I like. I throw her coffee mug at her.
But…I don’t suggest doing this kind of stuff. It surely didn’t fix anything.

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Lol @Patrick :wink:

I just say stop insulting women miserable jerk

To think that you may be possessed, is it possible that your soul is fractured because of some kind of traumatic childhood experience? I feel like I have been fighting some other force within my whole life.