What do u do with ur thoughts?

Every time i take my medicine these types of thoughts go away. Every time i stop, the same types of thoughts come back. So i know why i have em, but they still bother me and feel real. Idk why i cant stop worrying about things when i know its the matter of a pill or not a pill and nothing else has changed. How do u stop worrying about thoughts that u know likely aren’t real or won’t happen when they feel like they matter and they feel real at the same time?

Cognitive behavioral therapy. It helped me get to a place where I can easily tune out positive symptoms.


I understand the core problem of worrying and that also happens to me some times. I was told by my doctor that it’s call catastrophic thinking and that it’s linked to my anxiety.

So, you know, I don’t control the stuff in my head as much as I would like to do.