What do those dots say and what do they say to me and what's your opinion of me

What do those dots say to. E what’s your opinion of me off of what information what’s your presiding information and do I come off stupid

please do not feel alone , ignored or stupid.
we are all supportive on here and we all care, but not all posts get answered.
i probably come across like ’ the village idiot ’ but hey that is just me
know that i care please don’t feel that you are not included because you are.
take care

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I do thanks I have no opinion

You sound like a troll to me.

Off of what info do you form that I mean

No no sith, village idiot is my job im afraid, im fairly good at it wouldn’t you say?

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i actually think you are very intelligent, i on the other hand am still trying to master the skill of doing my shoelaces up, bugger, i got my finger stuck again !!
take care

I just read a lot like the dots and perspective matters 2 if you think you already know the dots there are no other dots and I thought I was a genius so no one knew the dots everything’s just info I just think and read a lot and believe in certain dots that made me expand on one dots

No need to ■■■■■■■■, im not intelligent in the least.

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