What do liars have to lie about?

Because of them, there’s nothing going on in anyone’s life, but they still sit around making up ridiculous bull crap about people they obsess about.

Plenty going on in my life that’s enjoyable because I’m having my illness treated. Suggest you do the same, you’re not important enough for anyone to stalk to the degree you think they do and that is the real reason your quality of life suffers. Talk to your treatment team about this to get the help you need.

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Liars get their ‘jollies’ to it and like fooling people…
Most the time they have some embarrassing habit they are covering up


my water taste better then yours…


Well, I posted that because someone downstairs was accusing me of something. I have no life. I go to the store and they find things to lie about. I just don’t like it, because I feel they’re trying to trap me around the people stalking me.

Yes, I know you post this stuff all the time. It’s pretty much all you post. It sounds delusional. I feel badly for you because you are missing out on a quality life by allowing your delusions to rule you like this. I hope for better for you.

Well I’m glad you lead such a charmed life, but women are often subject to insane harassment. My mother had housing problems because of stalkers. One landlord wanted to take nude photos of her. Another place had the same type of people lying about her, as me. She was once forced to go to court for talking back to someone harassing her on a bus. There is a lot of violence against women. Stalking is part of that.

If everyone around you is harassing you and stalking, odds are it is delusional and hallucinations.

I’ve had problems with pwople, but not every single person that crosses my path and spread out over years. Usually due to poor choosing of friends on my part or them being weird.

And real stalking is terrifying. Having a dangerous man obsessed with you physically showing up is awful. Luckily I had two male friends that were there to help

Yeah. Sounds like delusions and hallucinations. You need to have your meds adjusted or changed totally.

When I was a liar (I’m not at all anymore), I used to lie about my name, age, DOB, address, profession, marital status, income, heritage, family background, etc…etc…

My husband was a criminal so it was necessary to lie about everything.

Well I don’t think those are serious lies. These people accuse me of things, just to cause problems, and I never do anything.

People who are trying to be more than they actually are lie to fill the perceptual gap.

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It’s a life with a well-managed mental health issue. My hope for you is that you can get similar freedom.

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Liars lie mostly to get money. Scammers, fraud, etc

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They can lie to get out of a crime penatly, etc

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I’ve known people who would tell a lie when the truth would serve them better. They’re compulsive. It’s kind of funny, in a way.

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The 45th POTUS lied about the election be rigged, crowd size at his inauguration but also lied about the 44th POTUS’s birthplace.

We need more fact-checkers.

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When I was more exposed to social situations like at school etc, people used to make up stuff about me all the time, and as a result, I got bullied and assaulted for things that were completely out of my control

Now I don’t mix with others, it has gotten easier.

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